• Resolving complex issues

  • Based on the themes of sustainability, health and safety

  • Water treatment, energy transition, and industry and environment

For a high-quality living environment

As an international consultancy and engineering firm, Witteveen+Bos works on complex challenges related to energy, water and environment. In dealing with these challenges, our focus is on people, planet and nature. Sustainability, health and safety are at the centre of attention in this. We aim to create a high-quality human environment with a secure supply of water, energy and resources. Through our projects we contribute to a healthy and safe living environment, adequate supplies of clean water and energy-efficient production and processing methods, as well as a healthy ecological system and sustainable production and/or recovery of energy and raw materials.

We work on creating a circular economy and apply our knowledge by being closely involved in a wide range of energy transition projects. From our strong home bases in the Netherlands and Belgium, we deploy our expertise worldwide. Many of our projects in Africa and Asia are aimed at tackling wastewater and drinking water issues. In the oil and gas industry, we apply our expertise in the treatment and production of industrial and process water and in asset management to help optimise production. We are proud of our leading position in the environmental consultancy market concerning waste issues and remediation of polluted areas, including the challenge of substances of very high concern.

A selection of our projects

Innovative solution: 1-STEPĀ® filter

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Marc Scheres

Business line manager Energy, Water and Environment