The way in which we work is changing. We are increasingly mobile, we work in integrated project teams more frequently – at a single location – and we use more and more digital ways of working. That is why Witteveen+Bos introduced the 'PLUSworking' concept.

PLUSworking provides an environment that optimises the way we work. The concept combines office accommodation, ICT and behaviour (bricks-bytes-behaviour) on order to facilitate Witteveen+Bos’ primary process – multidisciplinary and integrated collaboration – as much as possible. The new way of working provides for time- and location-independent working and offers excellent facilities for meetings and video conferences.

Office design

Combined use of workstations and a new, more open-plan layout have created an environment that enables staff to talk to and consult each other, but also to work in quiet when needed. The lay-out is still based on departments, but collaborating with colleagues in other disciplines is very simple with PLUSworking. By providing areas for focused working, phone booths and small meeting rooms, everyone will be able to find the right spot for the work at hand at any one time. Elements such as project areas and BIM areas make the work easier help people work more effectively.

The design of the office matches our ambition to be a top-class engineering consultancy, which is reflected in the use of high-quality furniture, materials and facilities. We like to give our clients and partners an appropriate reception. For our employees, we consider it important to provide a safe and comfortable work environment that makes them feel ‘at home’. That is the kind of environment that will allow us to work on good results in high-profile projects.

Working @Leeuwenbrug Office