Our employment conditions

We offer our staff an extensive package of employment conditions, with special attention to ensuring the right balance between your professional and private life.

Salaries at Witteveen+Bos are in line with market norms. Your salary will depend on the level and relevance of your education and any work experience you have already acquired. In other words, your remuneration is related to the value you add to the organisation. Witteveen+Bos pays your annual salary in 12 monthly instalments. You also receive holiday pay equal to 8% of your gross annual salary. Your salary will be reviewed from year to year during our annual round of salary talks based on your development and performance.

All full-time employees are entitled to at least 28.5 days of leave each year. We offer an option to buy up to 12 extra days of leave each year. Subject to certain conditions, it is possible for you to sell days of leave in excess of the statutory minimum.

Witteveen+Bos operates a profit-sharing scheme. Every employee contributes to the success of the company and therefore gets a share in our profits. Employees who excel, in any way whatsoever, may additionally qualify for a bonus.

Witteveen+Bos is a company wholly owned by its employees. This is not merely a slogan, because it is reflected by our ownership structure. All shares in the company are held by our employees. Every employee with an open-ended contract of employment can become a co-owner and, in due course, possibly even a partner or senior partner. Particularly for employees with a slightly longer-term vision of their career, this represents an important reason for joining Witteveen+Bos.

Pension fund
Witteveen+Bos has its own pension fund. Employees accrue pension entitlements from age 21. In addition to a retirement pension, the pension plan provides for a partner’s pension and an orphan’s pension, plus a provision to cover the shortfall in statutory benefits under the General Surviving Dependants Act. Witteveen+Bos pays 60% of the pension contribution and the employee the other 40%. Under our pension recovery plan, there is no sharing of the result.

Working full-time and part-time
Witteveen+Bos has a working week of 40 hours. If you prefer, you can work part-time for us. Many of our employees use this possibility.

Sickness and health
At Witteveen+Bos we attach great importance to the health of our employees. This is reflected by our wide array of measures in the field of working conditions. Among other things, we have a collective medical insurance plan with health insurer CZ. This entitles you to a discount on the premiums payable for basic and supplementary insurance, with specific Witteveen+Bos arrangements for a number of reimbursements.

Miscellaneous allowances
Witteveen+Bos provides allowances for commuting and for relocation/refurnishing costs. In certain cases, we also reimburse entertainment expenses.

Study facilities
We offer our employees a possibility to develop in a specialised field through training or education (link to courses). This is supported by our package of employee benefits that includes a study scheme. The scheme consists of an allowance for training, examination fees and extra leave. Besides external training courses, we provide many different internal courses.

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