Sustainable design

The global pursuit of sustainable development is an irreversible social trend. This has an effect on the work of engineers. New insights resulting from new research and developments can change the situation for which an engineer is developing a solution. Innovation, through research and development, continuously provides new insights. These can be used to develop the best engineering solution. As engineers, we are able to adjust our solutions to the changing situation. One of the most important tools we use to find comprehensive sustainable solutions is our sustainable design principles.

There is no such thing as a blueprint for sustainable solutions. That is why we started developing sustainable design principles years ago. This set of seven sustainable design principles helps us to look for sustainable solutions in every project and to provide sustainable alternatives for solutions that perhaps seem less sustainable at first glance. The principles promote a sustainability-oriented mindset rather than a ready-to-use solution. Anyone can easily apply the tool in whatever way they choose. The advantage is significant in that it will result in better designs and thus more impact for and by all stakeholders involved in a project.

Contributing to the #globalgoals

Our 7 sustainable design principles

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