Smart and sustainable solutions to major challenges

Reliable infrastructure is an important prerequisite for the social and economic development of our society. Motorways, waterways, cycle paths and rail links that include many bridges, tunnels, viaducts and locks enable us to move around safely and goods to be transported safely. The intensive use of our infrastructure and its integration into the environment makes working on infrastructure complex. Witteveen+Bos is an expert in large-scale infrastructure development. We understand the challenges of infrastructure projects, from initiative to construction, replacement and renovation. Our added value comes from sound technical knowledge, an integrated design approach and a collaborative approach with all stakeholders involved. This is how we contribute to future-proof accessibility.

Ensuring safety in projects

Safety is an essential topic within all our projects. Thanks to our integrated view and experience within the entire chain, we contribute to increasing safety during the life cycle of an object, from idea to construction, operational phase, maintenance and renovation up to decommissioning. Our experts in industrial and environmental safety, structural safety, road safety, machine safety and cybersecurity proactively apply their knowledge to arrive at the safest solutions.

Transition to sustainable infrastructure

We contribute to the sustainability of existing and new infrastructure in various ways. Infrastructure that meets the needs of the current generation without compromising the needs of future generations. This means that circularity, reduction of energy and resource consumption, climate change adaptation and increasing biodiversity are embedded in our designs and advice. In our integrated approach, we combine our technical knowledge with research into, for example, alternative materials (such as geopolymer concrete, biobased materials, timber construction and concrete printing), modularity (IFD building) and energy-efficient design. Our designers and structural engineers not only have knowledge of current standards and regulations, but also collaborate based on their technical knowledge in drafting new standards and regulations. This allows us to actively contribute to enabling sustainable infrastructure.

Parametric design

For tunnels, viaducts and bridges, Witteveen+Bos is increasingly using parametric design. To this end, our designers use visual programming tools, such as Dynamo, Grasshopper and Rhinoceros. In addition, our structural engineers and designers write scripts themselves (in Python, for instance) or develop proprietary tools to directly link software by database-driven design. For this purpose, we have developed the ANT platform, as well as others. Parametric design minimises repetitive work and allows us to quickly draft concepts in early design phases or, conversely, make changes in the detail phase of projects.

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