Spatial planning

Spatial demand requires direction in organisation and distribution

In many areas, not only is space demand increasing, but its nature is also changing. There is a need for direction: what is important? How do we organise and distribute space? Witteveen+Bos assists clients with sound spatial planning and specifying short and long-term interests and effects into transparent decision-making information. This enables our clients to make informed decisions.

Thanks to our independent knowledge position, we are the link between policy and implementation in spatial planning, ensuring that the two practices align and inspire each other. Our focus is on providing action perspective. We offer solutions that inspire parties and which they can rally behind, including in terms of implementation. Because above all, solutions in spatial planning must pave the way to concrete projects in implementation.

Besides focusing on expertise, organising careful decision-making and following the right procedures is at least as important. We are experts in the planning system. On behalf of our clients, we guide technical plans through this system of policy-making, procedures and permits. By combining action perspective with the right process and rationale in our services, a foundation is laid for results. This gives our clients implementation capacity on their policies and projects. 

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