Urban planning and permits

Getting grip on procedures

Permits and spatial decisions are required in almost all projects and play a decisive role in project planning. Properly managing permit processes within project planning reduces the risk of delays.

Sound process management is an essential starting point in Witteveen+Bos’ philosophy. By working with competent authorities, we ensure that planning decisions and permits are obtained in time. Our specialists also ensure that applications are correct and properly substantiated.


Permit management is complicated by ever-changing regulations. In addition, participation plays an important role. Our planners and environmental lawyers are up to date with the latest laws and regulations and closely follow new developments.

Our approach is characterised by efficient and effective procedures. We aim for clear and achievable agreements with the relevant administrative bodies. We mostly conduct the necessary investigations ourselves. These include research in the fields of nature, water, noise, heritage, air and soil protection. If we do not have the necessary (partial) expertise ourselves, we collaborate with reliable and competent partners and specialists.

Broad support

Apart from permit applications, we draw up the necessary planning documents, such as environment and planning vision and plans or other spatial substantiations (including out-of-plan environmental planning activities). For the industry, our efforts also focus on complying with legislation and regulations and compliance in areas such as spatial planning, the environment, safety and water.

Our permit management is often part of broader engagement and stakeholder management. We work from the start of the planning phase to ensure that the competent authority is involved in a well-structured way. If necessary or desired, we also organise the timely involvement of other stakeholders. It characterises Witteveen+Bos’ approach to help create support for the permits to be granted or decisions to be taken.

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