Landscape, city and building

As spatial designers, we base our approach on requested functionalities and systems that connect city and landscape. Our contributions to landscapes, cities and buildings shape present and future living environments. In doing so, Witteveen+Bos links creative ambition to practical feasibility.

We bring creative ambition through design study, as a tool to develop the right solutions and inspire parties to contribute. Practical feasibility is key to our design work, drawing on our specialist knowledge, data and experience.

Spatial quality is expressed both in the beauty of our designs and in their future-proofing. We consider the application of spatial quality to be essential to make our environment liveable at a high level for current and future generations. That is why we are working on transition challenges such as biodiversity, mobility, climate and energy. And are fully committed to the circular use of resources and raw materials in our designs.

History as an inspiration

While we look at the future, we also emphatically give the history of the area an important role. History gives an area uniqueness, identity and meaning. History that we incorporate into our designs or process to connect the context. Moreover, we can learn from history how to treat nature sustainably and how water and soil are guiding elements over time in our spatial design.

To achieve the set goals, we at Witteveen+Bos prefer to work in integrated teams and in consultation with clients, stakeholders and residents. A distinctive aspect in our strength is our ability to involve all relevant disciplines in a participatory process for complex spatial tasks.

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