Living environment

Towards a healthy, safe and sustainable living environment

Nature, housing, work, mobility, energy and recreation have a significant impact on the quality of our living environment. The experts at Witteveen+Bos are working every day to reconcile these tasks with a healthy living environment.

An integrated approach is essential to achieve this. Our experts often work in specially formed project teams. This creates clarity in the interrelations and identifies all factors affecting the living environment: from traffic to noise and from soil quality to ecology. Our aim is to improve environmental quality and thus the health of people and nature.

Research and advice

In both projects and policy research projects, we conduct research into and provide advice on environmental issues such as nature, heritage, water, noise, odour, air and soil protection. We have experience with Substances of Very High Concern, such as PFASs, and advise on risk assessments and chemical processes, among others.


Circularity is now an indispensable topic. We want to learn to reuse our scarce resources over and over. Reduction, reuse and recycling are essential. We contribute to this by, among other things, calculating circular parameters (including ECI and LCA) and integrating them into projects. Other focal points are circular resource management (waste as raw material) and industrial symbiosis (exchange of energy, raw materials).


Safety is the number one priority in our work. We attach great importance to the relationship between safety and health, preventing environmental damage and promoting a proactive safety culture. All our business units are certified at step 4 of the Safety Ladder.

Valuable water

The availability of sufficient clean water is not always obvious. At the same time, the availability of clean water is essential for the functioning of our society and for maintaining a healthy living environment. Our drinking water and wastewater experts are committed to this every day.

Witteveen+Bos has built an extensive and international track record in the field of drinking water and wastewater. With the state-of-the-art treatment concepts and solutions, we make an important contribution to the availability of clean water.

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