Your career development

At Witteveen+Bos, young professionals get lots of opportunities. Your development is central – from your very first working day. On projects, we’ll challenge and stimulate you with a variety of tasks. You’ll be part of specially formed, multidisciplinary project teams which consist of various colleagues, each of whom has a specialisation in a different field. You’ll have the chance to learn from these colleagues while quickly building up a large network within our organisation.

Manage your own career

With us, you’ll get the opportunity to discover what you enjoy and where your talents lie. Your initiative and independence will be stimulated, but we always ensure that your preferences are accommodated and your needs properly facilitated. This is the core of our vision on career development. We provide you with much more than just a job: we offer you an entire career.

Of central importance to this is that your tasks on projects suit your personal development needs. Would you like to discover, for example, whether the role of project manager suits you? Then it’s up to us to provide you with opportunities to gain experience in this role. Your immediate manager will supervise as well as coach and stimulate you. Higher managers also play a stimulating role – for example, via regular coordination in performance and career development reviews.

Develop yourself in multiple areas

In Witteveen+Bos’s philosophy, the first years of your career are all about laying a solid technical foundation. We challenge you to excel in your discipline but also to get the best out of yourself in terms of personal development. Besides technical expertise, we offer two areas in which you can develop: management (e.g. as a project or employee manager) and commercial (which involves managing relationships with our clients). In these areas, too, we support your growth through a wide range of training opportunities, both internal and external.

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