Are you in the final phase of your studies and looking for an organisation that will challenge you to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired on an interesting graduation project? Then Witteveen+Bos is the place for you!

Why do a graduation project at Witteveen+Bos?

Doing a graduation project at Witteveen+Bos means being supervised by us while you work on an interesting and innovative challenge. As a graduating student, you’ll be part of a group and will be supported by a single supervisor. The topic of your graduation project will de decided in consultation with you, with an essential criteria being that the project matches your interests while also satisfying the requirements of your studies.

A graduating student allowance forms part of our employment conditions. If you incur any travel expenses, you’ll also receive compensation for these. Following a successful graduation project, we regularly offer the opportunity to start a career at Witteveen+Bos!

Here are some examples of graduation projects available at Witteveen+Bos:

Graduation projects abroad

Every year, a limited number of students complete graduation projects at one of our international offices. When exploring the opportunities, we ensure that proper supervision of your graduation project is assured.

Interested? Apply now!

Would you like to do a graduation project with us? Then send us an open application describing the field you’d like to do your project in. Perhaps you already have a concrete topic in mind for your project? We also always have a range of challenging and relevant graduation project vacancies that you can apply for directly. These are generally related to current or planned projects.


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Frequently asked questions

How will I be supervised during my internship and graduation?

During your internship or graduation, you will be supervised by an assigned colleague. The colleague will be your fixed contact person, for example for defining your development goals at the start of your internship, or for discussing what kind of graduation project you prefer. During your internship or graduation period, you will have regular meetings with your supervisor, and at the end of period this same colleague will give you an appraisal.

Do you provide an allowance during internship and graduation?

If you take an internship with us, we will give you an internship allowance. The same goes for a commuting allowance if you incur travel expenses. Students who graduate with us receive an allowance provided that their graduation project is of value to us. Undergraduates who incur travel expenses also receive a commuting allowance.

Can I do my internship/graduation abroad?

Yes, you can follow your internship/graduate at one of our international offices. Every year we have a limited number of students who gain practical experience abroad. In order to assess whether there are possibilities abroad, we will take a close look at whether we can provide you with good support at the relevant office at that moment. 

Can I do holiday work at Witteveen+Bos after my internship?

Yes, there are many students who continue to work with us during the summer holidays after their internship. 

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Can I work with you in addition to my dual, part-time or full-time study?

Keen to combine studying with working? We will be delighted to offer you precisely that opportunity. It is possible to work alongside your dual or part-time study, for example. The advantage is that you can immediately put your acquired knowledge to practical use while continuing to develop your skills. The work you perform in our projects will be appropriate to your level of education, and you can work on your course assignments at our organisation. Even while still studying, you will be able to acquire work experience.

We offer loads of opportunities to students who, in addition to their full-time study, want to gain experience with us in the form of a ‘job on the side’. For example, each week you can work eight hours for us, or opt for flexible working hours if better suited to your wishes and our possibilities. And on completion of your internship you can even take a holiday job with us if you want.

Want to work for us in parallel to you studies? Send us your open application letter! We will be happy to talk to you if we have possibilities that suit you.


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What are the possibilities after studying?

Are you a recent (or soon-to-be) graduate and exploring your options for a job? We are always on the lookout for talented graduates. Rather than just a job, we offer you a career. This is because we are keen to offer you a chance to develop within our organisation. We have no predetermined paths for your development, but will regularly talk to you to about your wishes and our possibilities for meeting them. An advantage of this approach is that you will discover your preferences and what you are good at. In a few years’ time, you might find yourself in the role of top expert in your specialised field or be working as a project leader. Who knows ... one day you might even be our new Managing Director!

Want to know more? Go to our page for young professionals to read all about such matters as possibilities for training.


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