Solutions to major challenges

Water is crucial to our lives. We use large quantities of drinking water, groundwater or surface water for all kinds of applications. However, our water system is under pressure. Periods of increasing drought and heavy rainfall have a huge impact on the water system. The water quality of many surface waters is poor. At the same time, the demand for fresh water is on the rise and it takes more and more effort and energy to produce drinking water and treat wastewater.

We will therefore need to design water systems to be robust and sustainable in the coming years. This could include water retention during wet periods, improving the water quality or the extensive treatment of wastewater streams.

Reducing water consumption, innovative ways of managing water and drawing up appropriate water policies are also examples. We take a solution-oriented look at these challenges and thereby contribute to the water systems of the future.

All areas of expertise under one roof

Witteveen+Bos has all areas of expertise – hydrology, ecology, water management, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, process technology, electrical engineering, engagement and stakeholder management – in house to tackle the complex challenges facing the water sector.

Whether it involves a major renovation, a policy review or incorporating or scaling up new technologies, we approach the challenges in a multidisciplinary context with an eye on the optimal solution.

With out water-related expertise, we serve different markets and clients. From the government to the industry. In the European context or in countries where water availability is even more critical. We help all our clients meet these challenges: from study and design to construction and advice on business operations.

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