Drinking water

Challenges in terms of quantity and quality

The availability of sufficient and reliable drinking water is a major challenge. The demand for drinking water from consumers and industry is increasing. However, the continued existence of the water supply is under pressure due to impacts of climate change, such as persistent drought or salinisation.

Treatment technologies

Fresh water supplies are limited, so the market has a great need for innovative and sustainable techniques to better purify fresh water and desalinate salt or brackish water. In the treatment process, micro-contaminants such as PFASs or pharmaceutical residues play an increasingly important role. We are very active in this field, leading the way in applying new technologies, such as advanced membrane techniques.

It is important that these treatment technologies are sustainable so they meet the sustainability ambitions of our clients. This means that they require as little energy as possible and that renewable energy is used to make these processes climate-neutral. We also use nature-inclusive solutions in our projects.

Expansion, replacement and renovation

Meeting rising demand is also a matter of capacity expansion or replacement and renovation projects. We have built a solid track record in this. Witteveen+Bos is very experienced in the design and engineering of drinking water treatment plants and transport.

We assist our clients in the research and preparation phase, and in the design and engineering of new-build assets or the renovation of existing assets. To this end, we use digital tools such as 3D design and/or BIM. We are equipped for large, multidisciplinary projects as well as relatively small ones. In the first case, we often work in construction teams, which improves the feasibility and inclusivity of projects.

Access to safe and affordable drinking water

Internationally, we make an important contribution to the drinking water supply through our efforts in planning, design and the construction of drinking water production, transport systems and distribution networks.

We work on challenging and groundbreaking drinking water projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Depending on local requirements, we apply both innovative and conventional technologies in our designs. 

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