Development perspectives

Do you have several years of work experience that have provided you with a solid foundation? Witteveen+Bos invites you to further develop this firm base at our organisation. We’ll guide your development by offering varied and challenging work on a diverse range of projects, by providing you with the opportunity to learn from other expert colleagues in project teams, and by offering you an extensive range of internal and external training courses.

Choose your own pathway

Do you want to extend your knowledge and skills – or perhaps expand them? Together, we’ll determine what your pathway should be, encouraging you to take the initiative and be independent. Your interests and ambitions and the opportunities we can offer comprise the central considerations in planning your career. This is the core of the Witteveen+Bos vision on career development. We provide you with much more than just a job: we offer you an entire career.

It's important, therefore, that the project tasks you perform suit your development needs. Do you aspire, for example, to be a project manager on large, integrated projects? Then it’s important that you gradually build up experience in this role. Your immediate manager is responsible for supervising you and will coach and stimulate you too. Higher-level managers also play a role in your development – for example, via regular coordination in performance and career development reviews. Together, you’ll set goals and determine the path to achieve them.

Develop yourself in multiple areas

We challenge you to become even better in your field but also to get the best out of yourself personally. Besides developing further as a technical expert, Witteveen+Bos offers you two additional areas in which to grow: management (e.g. as a project or employee manager) and commercial (which involves managing relationships with our clients). We support your growth in these areas through a wide range of internal and external training opportunities.

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