Cables and pipelines

Posing a challenging puzzle

Our underground infrastructure of cables and pipelines, heat networks, and transportation pipelines for drinking water and wastewater among others, is vital to the functioning of our society and economy. Continuing population growth means that this infrastructure needs to be redesigned, adapted or renewed.

It is a complex challenge because space for underground infrastructure is under pressure. After all, competition with other underground functions such as tunnels and structures is increasing. We need more cables for data, drinking water pipes either need to be bigger or replaced due to increased water demand, and power cables need to be heavier, see the far-reaching electrification of our grid.

Laying a complex 3D puzzle

We help our clients choose the right routes, by looking at technical opportunities and possibilities while also considering the local community and stakeholders.

Thanks to our Integrated 3D Pipeline Design digital tool, we can quickly and accurately identify the best locations of new piping. This means that clashes with existing cables, pipes and other objects in the subsoil, such as tree roots, underground rubbish containers and charging stations, can be detected earlier and more effectively.

Electricity cables can also have unwanted effects on water pipelines. Hot high-voltage power lines, for example, can adversely affect water quality if they are placed too close to drinking water pipelines. Steel pipelines parallel to high-voltage cables can become charged by the electromagnetic field effect.

One-stop shop

Based on our understanding of underground and overhead infrastructure, we can put this complex 3D jigsaw puzzle together. Thereby, we act as a one-stop shop: we create the design and specifications, take care of the engagement and stakeholder management, supervise the tender process and oversee project implementation. Ultimately, we present our clients with a cost-efficient and technically feasible solution that will allow them to move forward for years to come.

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