Offshore Grid - Holland Coast

The Dutch government’s roadmap for offshore wind energy specifies that the objective of 3,500 MW of new capacity by 2023 is to be realised in three offshore wind farm zones off the Dutch coast: Borssele, Holland Coast (South) and Holland Coast (North). Grid operator TenneT is responsible for the construction of the required ‘offshore grid’. 

The Offshore Grid - Holland Coast (South) project is aimed at ensuring that the electricity generated in the Holland Coast (South) wind farm is transported to the onshore high-voltage grid. The project comprises the realisation of offshore platforms, offshore and onshore cables, and a new onshore transformer substation. Witteveen+Bos contributed to the preparations for the project by performing a routing study, analysing and evaluating alternatives, conducting impact assessments, drawing up an Environment Impact Report, and preparing permit applications.

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