Cultural heritage

Added value for the living environment

Cultural heritage is everywhere in our society: in villages, cities and rural areas. In buildings and civil engineering structures, as well as in soil or underwater. Or as intangible heritage in our traditions, customs and stories. For decades, Witteveen+Bos has been aware of the added value of this heritage in shaping the present and future living environment.

Clever and impactful

We are keen to contribute to the development of meaningful areas in the city and country. We achieve this by linking the identity and history to the challenges and ambitions in the area. Thereby ensuring a living environment with high spatial quality for everyone, now and later. Thanks to our understanding of the local system, our knowledge of heritage and the local identity, we always develop appropriate, area-specific solutions. This way, we provide depth in spatial design, policy visions and plans.

Added value of heritage and identity

In specific projects, the identity of a place or area provides important starting points for preserving and developing spatial quality. The story behind the place provides inspiration for urban design, (landscape) architecture and the design of public spaces. A broader view also creates combination opportunities from an area development point of view.

By exploring archaeological and cultural-historical opportunities early on in a project, we show how heritage can actually add value. Knowledge of the genesis, archaeology and cultural history of the place contributes to a sustainable vision of our local environment. This results in a better understanding of the landscape system and the influence humans have on it.

For government authorities, it is important to know the heritage present and the value it represents to them. Inventory and valuation maps are essential in this process, as are impact studies, transformation frameworks and a clear heritage policy.

This helps initiators of spatial plans deal with existing archaeological and cultural-historical values. Our experts ensure efficient and careful application of policies and legislation, such as in environmental impact assessments and archaeological studies.


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