Inventory of cultural history

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The Netherlands has a long history of interacting with water and various cultural-historical objects associated with it. This is also true of the area managed by the Noorderzijlvest water authority in the north of Drenthe and Groningen.

To determine the value of the cultural-historical objects in this region, Noorderzijlvest and Witteveen+Bos carried out a comprehensive inventory and evaluation. Over the course of a few months, more than 150 objects including locks, bridges, canals and pumping stations were surveyed. Archaeological and green heritage also formed part of the inventory.

All objects were evaluated in terms of their technical, physical and perceived quality. The technical quality of an object determines the extent to which it should be preserved, the physical quality determines the conservation costs, and the perceived quality forms a basis for the experiential benefits of preservation. To enable the water authority to effectively apply the knowledge acquired, Witteveen+Bos delivered the results in the form of a report and a GIS map.

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