Towards a comprehensive safety design or advice

Rapidly changing risks in an increasingly complex playing field present both governments and industry with significant safety challenges in their pursuit of healthy and safe working and living environments. This makes the approach from different perspectives, such as health, ecology and environment, economy and society, essential when preparing a comprehensive safety advice, policy or design.

Safety in our projects and work activities

Safety is also a basic requirement in our work activities and in projects and therefore has a prominent role in all our products and services. We constantly strive to create a healthy and safe (working) environment. This is why we attach great importance to the relationship between safety and health, preventing environmental damage and promoting a proactive safety culture. We want to contribute to a safer society through our projects.

Our vision of safety is to prevent all accidents and incidents as well as any health, property and environmental damage. We want our employees and collaboration partners to work safely and our products and designs to be of optimum HSE quality. We consider safety not only an obligation, but also an opportunity to protect and strengthen our local environment and communities.

Broad range

At Witteveen+Bos, we understand the complexity of safety challenges and have developed a multi-faceted expertise that spans several fields. Combining different perspectives in a problem analysis creates an overall picture of complex situations in the working and living environment.

Our expertise includes building safety, external safety, road safety, machine safety, structural safety, fire safety, flood protection, compliance and HSE, industrial safety and even cyber security. This enables us to provide customised solutions tailored to the specific needs of your project or organisation.

Fields of safety

Whether in construction, transport, industry or technology, we guide and advise clients in creating safe environments and meeting strict safety standards. We do this to ensure safe and healthy construction, use, management, maintenance and demolition phases, but also to ensure that our designs are safe for users and the local environment. We have the necessary expertise and experience in the various fields of safety to achieve this.

Because we consider safety holistically, we cover a wide range of fields:

  • Construction safety
  • External safety
  • Hazardous substances
  • Road safety
  • Machine safety
  • Structural safety
  • Fire safety
  • Cyber security
  • Flood protection
  • Compliance and HSE
  • Industrial safety 

We can seamlessly link these fields in a multidisciplinary collaboration. We then translate our findings into a comprehensive safety design or advice. We also advise our clients (including governments, contractors and industry) in the area of a proactive safety culture and systematic management of safety risks.

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