Air quality and odour

Getting to grips with air quality and odour

Urban areas keep growing, industrialisation increases, and, at the same time, tighter climate targets are being formulated at globaland national levels. It is up to governments and policymakers to meet these ambitions through policies, requirements and standards. This creates increasing challenges in terms of air quality and odour. The business community (industry) faces the task of meeting these tightened requirements. Province, municipality and environmental services are responsible for the implementation and enforcement.

Witteveen+Bos advises both policymakers and governments on policy, standards and enforcement, and also assists municipalities and industrial clients in implementing policies and meeting current or future standards. In this process, we rely on more than 30 years of experience in air quality and odour-related issues.

Research and advice in this field are an important part of spatial planning and urban development. Creating a pleasant living environment requires a deep understanding of sources of pollution and dispersion.

Moreover, air quality is increasingly linked to broader challenges facing society such as climate, biodiversity and sustainable development. Pressure from society to improve air quality drives innovations in clean energy and mobility. The complex interplay between these factors makes research and integrated advice crucial.

Strategy and policy for government

Research, technological innovations and policy measures go hand in hand. Policymakers aiming for a healthier and more sustainable society have to consider the economic and social impact of stricter standards. This can be achieved by, for instance, focusing on feasible transition periods and involving all stakeholders.

This requires a delicate balance in which Witteveen+Bos can provide support with (strategic and policy-supporting) studies, mapping of the local environment and integrated advice. These studies are often part of permit applications, complaints from local residents, feasibility studies or local environment plans, among others.

Research and integrated advice for industry

Contemporary and future standards challenge industries in particular to monitor, control and reduce (odour) emissions. Through our involvement on the policy side, our experts are able to guide companies on legislative and regulatory issues.

Thanks to our involvement in many projects, we are also up to date with current and future (tightened) laws and regulations. We share this knowledge with our clients.

Witteveen+Bos supports industrial clients with research and advice. These services range from air and odour measurements (full odour study, including sampling and olfactometric analysis) to technical and financial assessment of post-treatment technology.

Our expertise in the area of air quality and odour:

  • due diligence investigations;
  • all-in-one permit applications;
  • exemptions to the Nature Conservation Act;
  • appropriate assessments;
  • Environmental impact reports;
  • zoning plans;
  • routing decision and zoning integration plans;
  • monitoring and reporting obligations;

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