Witteveen+Bos’s odour lab moves to larger premises

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On 16 June 2020, the new Witteveen+Bos odour lab, located at Hanzeweg 45 in Deventer, opened its doors. The new location offers more space, making it possible to set up the lab in a smarter and more efficient and logical way, as well as providing the opportunity to grow.

Witteveen+Bos’s odour lab is one of just three such labs in the Netherlands. Its double setup of analysis equipment, however, is entirely unique, combining a high capacity with extensive quality assurance facilities. The new lab also features sufficient space for teaching and research – accommodating, for example, the use of sensors and drones to tackle complex issues.

The new location also makes it possible to park the measuring truck beside the area where the lab’s equipment is maintained and stored. Ultimately, the new setup will allow us to meet the increasing demand for advice on preventing or reducing unpleasant odours. Our services can be of particular use on multidisciplinary projects, as the combination of an odour lab with the various disciplines present in our broad consultancy firm are truly a unique selling point.

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