Towards smart infrastructure

Mechanical engineering, industrial automation and electrical engineering

The world around us is digitalising at a rapid pace. This also has implications for our infrastructure. Think about smart and healthy cities, intelligent transport systems or energy-neutral infrastructure. Industrial automation, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering systems, also called technical systems, are thereby becoming increasingly decisive in our projects.

To give an idea of the extent of the task: our home country, the Netherlands, alone has over 1,500 movable bridges, 2,000 locks, 100 tunnels, 1,500 (sea) barriers, 3,700 kilometres of flood defences and 2,300 kilometres of motorways.

These assets must meet the set safety, availability, sustainability and reliability requirements to continue to perform their primary functions. This includes drive systems for bridges, traffic control systems or lighting in tunnels.

Reliable, safe, durable

In our projects, we contribute to the availability and safety of these assets. Our multidisciplinary teams provide integrated solutions to national and international clients for tunnels, (movable) bridges, traffic systems, locks and control centres, among others. In these projects, we combine our expertise in electrical engineering, industrial automation, mechanical engineering and renewable energy. 

Work and functions in projects

When doing so, we supervise the entire process: from inspection, design and contract preparation, supervision of the tender, works supervision and implementation of measures to the supervision of the inauguration and aftercare. We include the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, predictive maintenance, Digital Twins and Smart Grids in our advice.

For the technical systems, we perform roles in projects at both the management level and the specialist level. At management level, these are positions such as systems integrator, design lead, project manager, technical manager or tender manager. At specialist level, these include positions in EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility), machine safety, sustainability/circularity, pumps, motors and drives, cybersecurity, high-voltage, IT system architecture, systems engineering and digital twins/3D models. 

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Rianne Albers-Schouten