Main roads

Increasing mobility in urbanising environment

Urbanisation is increasing on a global level. Pressure on our infrastructure is increasing and this more intensive use is creating new problems, in terms of both safe use and the impact on the living environment. Witteveen+Bos works together with governments and contractors to increase road safety, improve traffic flow, create space for new forms of mobility and enhance liveability around infrastructure.

We combine various specialisations in our projects to design and assess different solutions. Specialists in traffic modelling, road safety and road design work closely with structural engineers, geotechnical engineers and specialists in technical systems (for tunnels and traffic). In addition, when creating an integrated design, they are joined by landscape architects, hydrologists, ecologists and experts on noise (remediation). This allows us to optimally secure the different technical perspectives in order to achieve the best social solution.

Transparency and reproducibility are key concepts in our approach. We work with a structured CRS process, in which we collect and record requirements and wishes from the local community as input for assessing design solutions. When the design is fleshed out, we provide an accessible translation to various stakeholders through 3D and VR developments.

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