Climate adaption plan Westergouwe

Witteveen+Bos conducted a climate stress test and drafted an adaptation plan for the Westergouwe area development project in the city of Gouda. Considering the city’s location in a low-lying and settlement-prone area, climate adaptation is crucial for this development. The stress test focused on vulnerable and vital functions, flooding, heat and water quality.

The stress test resulted in the drafting of a manual for designing climate-proof public areas, which is used in all design phases of the development. Examples are that more extreme precipitation patterns are factored into the design of sewerage systems, public utilities are situated in elevated locations and the implementation of rainwater infiltration solutions is included in designs. A water concept is being developed in partnership with the competent Water Authority to maintain water quality in the long term. In addition, an initiative was launched to encourage residents of the new quarter to keep their gardens green rather than pave them.

Matthew Marshall, project leader for Witteveen+Bos: ‘In this project, the sustainable design principle ‘Flexible Design’ played a major role. I actually like to call it ‘adaptive design’. The plan for Westergouwe takes into account the three perspectives of robustness, adaptability and resilience in order to anticipate the climate of the future in the context of soil structure and the water system.’

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