Participate in a business course

Each year, we organise various business courses to give people like you an opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at our organisation. Have you always wondered exactly what a consultancy and engineering firm does and, in particular, what it would be like to work for a company like ours? If so, a business course is the ideal way to get to know Witteveen+Bos.

During a business course, you work as a member of a small group of students on one of our current projects, like the Afsluitdijk (Netherlands) or the Oosterweel Link to complete the Antwerp Ring Road (Belgium). You will be supervised by a Witteveen+Bos colleague. It’s a terrific opportunity to sample what kind of work you can expect at our organisation. The programme for the day often includes a few presentations about our company and our vision of career development. Besides working on the case, you will be able to experience the workplace atmosphere at our office and, most important of all, get to know a large number of young and experienced colleagues on the same day.

We organise different variants to the ‘traditional’ business course or in-house day. During a business game, your group can compete with groups from other universities. And during the business experience you will, literally, ‘experience’ the kind of projects we work on through virtual reality.