This acronym stands for Building Information Model. All relevant information of a project is integrated into this 3D model. The advantages BIM offers seamlessly match the objectives of integral designing. BIM makes this process more efficient, enables clearer communication with all stakeholders and affords all parties a complete overview of all sections of a project at any given time. This benefits such aspects as time, costs, accuracy and efficiency.

A high level of automation enables us to analyse building information and to combine and validate data, thus visualising all design aspects for all parties involved

Maarten Veerman - Team leader Building Information Management

VR for a lifelike experience

Witteveen+Bos wants to bring the BIM experience closer to the end user as well. To assess the user experience, we were once the first to develop the driving simulator, which links our calculation software and traffic situations. This helps us to gain a better understanding of the safety and user-friendliness of roads. This type of simulation, which provides an extremely lifelike experience using 3D glasses, also turned out to be applicable to buildings and other objects. Being able to have the experience of everyday users helps to identify imperfections at a much earlier stage.