Building Information Management

The future is digital

Up-to-date and accessible data plays a crucial role in the preparation, design and execution of projects. And that wouldn’t be possible without digitalisation. Witteveen+Bos uses and develops digital tools that accelerate the progress of projects and provide stakeholders with real-time data.

BIM (Building Information Model) is a widely used tool in the construction industry for facilitating integrated design. It streamlines the process, supports clear communication with all stakeholders and gives all parties an insight into all parts of the project at all times. This method helps to deliver projects faster, more efficiently and more accurately.

We bring the BIM experience closer to the end user: we have developed simulation software that allows end users and other stakeholders to walk through a virtual building. By putting themselves in the user’s shoes, they get a good sense of the space at an early stage.

Big data

Big data adds a new dimension to existing digital tools. By analysing big data, we can generate value for our clients that benefits their project and construction processes. These analyses often lead to new insights that would not otherwise have emerged.

We use digital twin technology to visualise objects (tunnels, buildings, etc.) in a digital environment. This allows us to simulate whether the object is safe for its users in certain scenarios, for example, in the event of a fire.

By using a Geographical Information System (GIS), we can map, analyse and share the area surrounding a building/complex. GIS allows you to spot patterns and make connections that help users make better decisions.

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