Are you in the final phase of your study and looking around for an organisation that will challenge you to put all your acquired knowledge and skills to practical use in your graduation assignment? If so, Witteveen+Bos is a great place for you to graduate!

Why graduate at Witteveen+Bos?
Graduating at Witteveen+Bos allows you to work under our supervision on an exciting and innovative issue. At any one time, we have roughly 40 students graduating at our organisation. As an undergraduate, you will be a member of a group and have your own assigned supervisor. Together with you, we will decide the subject of your graduation assignment. We consider it important for your graduation assignment to fit in seamlessly with your interests and it should, ofcourse, also meet the requirements defined by your educational institution.

If your graduation project is of value to our organisation, you will receive a graduation allowance from us. If you incur travel expenses, you will additionally get a commuting allowance. And if your graduation period was successful you will discover there are ample opportunities for a career at our organisation!

A few graduation assignments at Witteveen+Bos: 
- plan a route with effective connections to existing infrastructure and takes account of all stakeholders
- examine the technical feasibility of using new materials for a bridge

Graduating in another country
Each year, we have a small number of students who graduate at one of our international offices. To make this graduation period a success, we will look beforehand at whether we are able to supervise you properly at the office in question.

Do you think we have what it takes? Apply now!
If you like the idea of graduating at our organisation, send us an open graduation request in which you describe your preferred field of graduation. You might already have a particular subject in mind for your graduation. We additionally always have a number of challenging and topical graduation assignments for which you can apply. These issues are based mainly on current or future projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I be supervised during my internship and graduation?

    During your internship or graduation, you will be supervised by an assigned colleague. The colleague will be your fixed contact person, for example for defining your development goals at the start of your internship, or for discussing what kind of graduation project you prefer. During your internship or graduation period, you will have regular meetings with your supervisor, and at the end of period this same colleague will give you an appraisal.

  • Do you provide an allowance during internship and graduation?

    If you take an internship with us, we will give you an internship allowance. The same goes for a commuting allowance if you incur travel expenses. Students who graduate with us receive an allowance provided that their graduation project is of value to us. Undergraduates who incur travel expenses also receive a commuting allowance.

  • Can I do my internship/graduation abroad?

    Yes, you can follow your internship/graduate at one of our international offices. Every year we have a limited number of students who gain practical experience abroad. In order to assess whether there are possibilities abroad, we will take a close look at whether we can provide you with good support at the relevant office at that moment. 

Interesting graduation assignments