You learn a lot in terms of substance, but it’s also interesting to exchange experiences

I didn’t know that Witteveen+Bos had so many interesting projects. I obviously know my own sector, but during the Starter programme I got a far better picture of the other sectors

Starter programme

For young professionals with less than three years of work experience, we organise training designed specifically to meet their needs; it’s called the Starter programme. The central consideration in this internal programme is your personal development as a young professional. At the same time, it’s a great opportunity to build up a network. The programme further offers opportunities for peer-to-peer reflection to allow you to share your experiences with your fellow trainees. The Starter programme begins roughly three months after you start work at the company and takes about seven months in total.

What exactly will you do?
Our Starter programme consists of five skill training courses appropriate to the work of a starting engineer or consultant. The courses are interactive to enable you to raise questions based on your development needs. The Starter programme gets underway with a kick-off meeting where you will define your learning goals. You will get an insight into your strong and less strong skills through the personal feedback you receive from your manager and colleagues in the projects. You will draw up a development plan to allow you to work in a targeted way on developing your skills. The Starter programme subsequently comprises five courses:

  • project-based working
  • time management
  • communication skills
  • consultancy skills
  • written communication and reporting

Together with your group, you will organise a themed meeting that includes a visit to a project in progress. You will take the Starter programme as a member of a fixed group of approximately 12 participants from all parts of the organisation. The courses are provided by an expert external trainer and every group is supervised and coached intensively by an experienced Witteveen+Bos staffer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your vision on career development?

    We will give you the scope to deepen, or perhaps widen, your career perspectives by working in innovative projects on varied and challenging activities. You will have a lot of latitude for personal initiative and a great degree of independence. We believe it is important continuously to match your interests and your ambitions to the possibilities that we see for you. This lies at the heart of our vision on career development. Rather than just offering you a job, we want to offer you a career. And you are the orchestrator of your career. 

    Vision of career development

  • Which internal training courses do you organise?

    We organise all kinds of skill training courses focused specifically on your level of experience and your career phase. They are designed to strengthen personal, socio-communicative, managerial or commercial skills. You will attend the courses as a member of a group, with the composition of the group reflecting the composition of our organisation as a whole. It gives you an opportunity to get to know colleagues who are active in other disciplines. You will get a wider view of our organisation and, above all, expand your network.

  • Do you also offer traineeships?

    You are the orchestrator of your own career, so we do not mark out any predefined career paths. Therefore, we do not have standard traineeships for new employees. 

    Right from your very first working day at Witteveen+Bos, you will develop professionally by undertaking varied and challenging work in a variety of different projects. Those projects give you ample opportunity to learn and to discover what kind of work you like and what your talents are.

Our vision of career development

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