Integrated approach

Due to societal developments, the projects we work on are becoming increasingly large and complex. This requires a transition from a traditional, linear and multifunctional design approach to one that is integrated, cyclical and multifunctional. We are currently in the midst of this transition, which has far-reaching consequences. Integrated designs are all about collaboration between different professional disciplines, clients, public-sector representatives and local businesses and residents.

Our approach

A traditional design process is by-and-large linear in nature, with the design and impact assessment taking place one after another, performed by different experts. The result of this is that any negative effects, such as excessive costs or unacceptable environmental impacts, only become evident at a fairly late stage in the project. If the outcome of the impact assessment necessitates any design adjustments at that stage, it will result in budget and project schedule overshoots and ultimately suboptimal design solutions. Because our assignments are becoming larger and more complex, the associated financial risks are also increasing. Based on past experiences, we therefore developed a new design method. 

Abandoning the linear design process, our approach is based on an iterative, cyclical design process. In the plan of action for a design contract, we explicitly define several design loop within the lead time available for the assignment. The degree to which integral designing can be applied will depend on the assignment received from the client within the entire project, and the stage of the project’s progress. Every project requires a customised solution – this applies to the implementation of concept of integral designing, the composition of the project team and the timeline of the design process.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

An integral approach to each project is assured by our organisational structure that is built upon global, closely cooperating product-market combinations. In addition to a wide range of technical expertise, we also possess expertise in costs and financing, process control, legal aspects and behavioural sciences.