The water chain is in transition: it’s becoming steadily more important to recover energy, raw materials and fresh water from used water and sewage sludge if we are to achieve a circular economy with a sustainable water chain. Constantly evolving circumstances like climate change, new pollutants such as medicine residues and microplastics, or the limitations of sludge processing capacity, all continually demand smart process modifications at acceptable costs. With its team of experts, Witteveen+Bos assists industries and water boards with these issues every day. Our experts know the technologies required, and apply them in both existing and new situations.

Our work in the water chain covers the entire transport and purification systems development spectrum. Our projects vary from studies through to realisation and operation, but our focus lies mainly on design and engineering. We do this for both water boards and industrial organisations. We work worldwide, large-scale and small, providing support with:

  • Design and engineering of new installations, and modifications to existing installations
  • System integration and supervision of contract drafting
  • Strategic advice and feasibility studies
  • Applied research and development of new technologies
  • Training, troubleshooting, optimisation and practical guidance


We have extensive knowledge of biological and physico-chemical waste-water treatment, where we choose the treatment principles that fit the desired quality for projects: from meeting discharge requirements to providing high-quality water for industrial use. We have specialised in recent years in the extensive removal of nutrients, medicine residues and other micro-pollutants. We also work on the efficient processing of sludge and the sustainable application of biogas. Our experts use both proven concepts and new technologies. Our expertise also includes saving energy, chemicals and costs, along with limiting the production of residual substances and greenhouse gas emissions during the construction and operation of waste-water treatment plants.

Alongside our waste-water expertise, Wittveen+Bos has its own in-house expertise in drinking water and process water. This lets us exchange developments from a range of treatment environments. Among these, developed drinking water technologies can also be used for wastewater purposes. Being at home in several markets lets our experts develop new knowledge, gain experience with new techniques and offer an integrated service.

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