Improved water treatment with the 1-STEP® filter

The 1-STEP® filter is an innovative solution developed by Waternet, Witteveen+Bos, Nijhuis Industries, Cabot Norit Activated Carbon, and Delft University of Technology. This activated carbon filter solution thoroughly removes phosphate, suspended solids, heavy metals, nitrogen, organic microcontaminants and medicine residues from treated wastewater, and does so using a single, compact system. 

Stricter requirements in the discharge permit issued to Waternet (the water cycle company for Amsterdam and the surrounding area) prompted the development and implementation of this innovative filter a few years ago. At Waternet’s Horstermeer wastewater treatment plant, the 1-STEP® filter has resulted in a cost-effective improvement in effluent quality. The filter has also turned out to provide optimal pre-treatment for the production of industrial and process water from effluent. This makes it an essential link in water recycling plants, and an important step in the development of a circular economy.

1-STEP filter

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