Design and tender for green gas RWZI Amsterdam-West

Under contract to the Water Authority of Amstel, Gooi and Vecht, Waternet is constructing a green gas installation on the site of the sewage treatment plant in the western port area of Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West Sewage Treatment Plant). Green gas is capable of supplying the natural gas network but can also be used as fuel for cars and trucks. The construction forms part of Waternet’s transition towards being free of fossil fuels and helps realise its goal of being carbon-neutral in 2020.

Witteveen+Bos provided support to Waternet during preparation of the contract documents, throughout the tender process, and during testing of the design by the combination of DMT and OrangeGas. The contract includes design, construction, maintenance, management and distribution of the green gas. We will also support Waternet throughout the realisation process and in starting up the installation. The new green gas installation at the Amsterdam-West sewage treatment plant will replace the existing cogeneration installation from 2006.

Upgrade for reduction of CO2

The construction of the green gas installation began in the second quarter of 2020. It is expected to be operational from March 2021. The installation will mean an upgrade to green gas that will be injected into the natural gas network. As well as this, the CO2 released will be transported and used for greenhouse horticulture.

Based on a maximum biogas production of 14.7 million Nm³ per year, the new installation will produce around 9.7 million m3 of green gas (of natural gas quality) annually, plus around 5.7 million m3 of usable CO2. With this installation, the Water Authority will provide approximately ten percent of the green gas available nationally, making it the largest producer of green gas in the Netherlands. The annual reduction in CO2 will be approximately 26,200 tonnes and 317,000 gigajoules of sustainable energy will be produced each year.

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