Digital Technologies

Digital technology is increasingly playing a key role in Witteveen+Bos' areas of activity. This can be seen in the automation of technical processes (process automation). But also the analysis, control and interpretation of complex and often technical data and the processing of spatial information in GIS, VR or AR. The human being is the central factor, not the technology. 


We work on projects in various fields:

  • Strategic advice in which the use of new digital technology and automation systems are geared to the organisation and vice versa. This is often expressed in a blueprint of ICT and a transition of the organisation with associated activity and security plans.
  • Designing uniform functional and technical specifications of information systems. This makes the realisation and management of these systems easier and more uniformly managed.
  • Realisation of solutions such as IoT serivces, identical functional models (twins) or system controls. In the form of execution support or through independent realization of applications.
  • Analyze large amounts of operational data using machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and data science. Looking for optimizations of processes and systems.
  • Setting up platforms to make project information accessible, connect people and involve stakeholders.
  • In our projects we always work together with the domain knowledge of the various areas of activity within our company (Built environment, Delta's, coasts and rivers and Infrastructure and mobility) for the best integrated solution. This means that our digital solutions are rooted in practice.  
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