• Construction and renovation of drinking water purification and transport facilities

  • Planning, feasibility and strategic studies

  • Design, specifications, call for tenders and construction supervision

Drinking water

Ensuring the supply of sufficient and reliable drinking water is one of the largest challenges of our time. Because fresh water is scarce, innovative and sustainable methods for fresh water purification and desalination of salt and brackish water are in high demand. 

We are making our contribution by undertaking challenging and groundbreaking drinking water projects in Europe, Asia and Africa. In the Netherlands, Witteveen+Bos is a leading player in the design and implementation of drinking water production and transport. In our work, the reliability and practicability of original and new technologies are of major importance. We are leading in the implementation of new technologies and techniques, including membrane techniques, UV applications, advanced filtration methods and smart metering.

Capacity expansion and improved supply of drinking water are keywords in the drinking water sector. We support our clients in the research and preparation phase, and in the construction, optimisation and renovation of existing assets. Client focus, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability are core concepts. Internationally, we contribute significantly to assuring drinking water supplies through our efforts in planning, designing and implementing drinking water production, transport systems and distribution networks.

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