Solar park for Brussels Airport

Thanks to investments in the generation of renewable energy, Brussels Airport will become partially self-supporting. MAVA – a subsidiary of Witteveen+Bos – was involved in the construction of a solar energy park on an unused plot at the airport site. The 25L solar park (capacity: 1.2 MWp) was designed by MAVA from the initial idea up to delivery of the plant.

The plant’s design and location had to be carefully selected to preclude any interference with air traffic and ground control operations. A reflection study was conducted to assess the impact on ground and on-board radar systems. After the optimal concept and the most suitable plot were identified, MAVA calculated the financial feasibility, designed the installations (photovoltaic and electrical systems and the grid connection) and prepared the required permit applications. They then drew up the tender documents, assessed the tenders and provided support during the contract phase. And last but not least, we supervised the performance of the work and the delivery of the plant.

Thanks to the 25L Solar Park, an unused plot has been valorised in a profitable and responsible way. The construction of the solar park will help Brussels Airport to achieve its aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and its dependency on fossil fuels.

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