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Energy Transition

Becoming energy-neutral is today’s challenging societal task. We want to accelerate the energy transition. We help realise your plans and projects promoting the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy use in the foreseeable future.

Witteveen+Bos helps developers, municipalities, regional authorities and building owners to draw up strategies for their energy transition. Among our assignments, we are working on Regional Energy Strategies (RES) for several regions. Here we consider both energy-saving and the sustainable generation of electricity and sustainable heat sources. We calculate energy mixes and conduct feasibility studies into energy systems and visualise the consequences of these, from the regional level to neighbourhood and building level.

We are also working on the expansion and further development of the energy infrastructure: solar farms and wind turbines, but also cable connections and heat networks. We prepare the decision-making process and record it in Environmental Impact Assessments, environmental plans and project decisions. We apply for environmental permits on your behalf, and take care of an environmental process which will lead to support.

We also contribute to the creation of neighbourhoods in the Netherlands and abroad which are free of natural gas. We map out which alternative energy sources are available, and their associated costs and benefits. We help to make the right choices, and then to prepare and implement new energy systems, and in contracting heat and other energy suppliers, among others.

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Koen Haans

PMC manager Energy Transition

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Group manager Energy and Space