Wind farm 'Windplan Blauw'

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SwifterwinT B.V. and Vattenfall are developing Windplan Blauw jointly – a wind farm in Flevoland north of Lelystad near Swifterbant. 74 existing wind turbines will be replaced by 61 larger wind turbines (with a total capacity of 215 – 300 MW). The turbines will be located both in the Flevopolder and in the IJsselmeer, along the IJsselmeerdijk.

As one of the largest wind farms in the Netherlands, it falls under the authority of the national government: the  Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZK) and  the Ministry of the Interior (BZK). Among other things, Witteveen+Bos has drawn up the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to determine the impact of the plan on the landscape, living environment and nature. The associated studies were also carried out for both the EIA and the permits, and there was a contribution to the environmental process with an involved sounding board group. All successfully: the environmental permits are irrevocable and the SDE+ subsidy (the Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production scheme) was also received. The wind farm’s construction is scheduled from 2021 onwards.

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