Digital transformation

Accelerator for complex issues

The world is facing fundamental social change. This includes the energy transition, the housing challenge, the mobility transition, the transition to the circular economy and climate change adaptation. Digital technology is an essential driving factor in accelerating these transitions in a smarter and sustainable manner.

Digitalisation makes it possible to connect processes and people. Thanks to these (new) connections, we can solve increasingly complex tasks. And contribute to promoting a healthy and sustainable living environment. The more we are in contact with each other and the world, the higher the quality of the solutions. Not only in terms of quality, speed and cost, but also in simplifying for and involving larger groups of people.

As problem solvers, we are always looking for new opportunities for better solutions within our projects and consultancy processes. For the sustainable solution of the complex and comprehensive issues of today, Witteveen+Bos is convinced of the added value of new digital technology. This includes harnessing the power of AI, machine learning, big data and virtual reality.

Digital participation

By combining these and other technologies with the specific domain knowledge of our engineers and consultants, Together with our clients and partners, we are able to work even smarter on complex challenges. By automating complex calculations, we can focus more on the application of this calculation. Parametric design allows us to include more knowledge, data and variables. This will lead to even better integrated solutions.

By enabling digital participation and presenting solutions visually and interactively, residents and other stakeholders can take control themselves. We also combine data and generate new data to provide chain partners with important (new) insights.

+Circular Design Tool

The +Circular Design Tool assesses the design of a construction or installation in terms of sustainability and circularity.
A photo of a round building.