Permit Tool

The Permit Tool allows you to keep an overview of all required permits in projects. This ensures that you are no longer behind the times and that all permits are applied on time. It also keeps the action holder on his toes, even after applications have been submitted. In this way, the competent authority can be contacted in time if an application remains pending for too long.

The Permit Tool helps

Managing permit processes is not easy. Several processes often overlap, and for large projects in particular are often many different applications necessary.

The Permit Tool provides a single overview of all the permits required for a project. For each permit, some parameters can be adjusted, such as the status of the permit and the start date of the work. Next, the deadline for submission and the end date of the procedure period and the objection period are calculated automatically. A color code is used to show how the time schedule is progressing. The tool automatically displays markers when it is important to take action. This prevents the need to tighten things up at the last minute and ensures that all applications are submitted and tracked on time.

A collage of the Permit Tool

Deployable for any project and overview for all stakeholders

The Permit Tool contains all public law permissions, so it can be used for all projects. Both permits and the associated procedures are automated. This makes it possible to work in a structured way, which provides insight into the correct procedures.The Permit Tool offers full support to the new Environment and Planning Act and the digital transition

The tool includes an export function, with which an export can be made easily. This allows project leaders and clients to gain insight into the current state of affairs at any time. This keeps everyone up to date and ensures that there are no surprises.

Permit Tool

Why the Permit Tool?


Supporting the new Dutch Environment and Planning Act and the digital transition.


Manages all required permits within legal deadlines.


Can be used for any project because all possible permits are pre-programmed into the tool.

Want to know more?

Sander works on managing permits in spatial projects.

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Sander de Bruin Advisor Spatial Planning and Permits