Energy System Comparison Tool

The ESV is an interactive online tool to gain insight into the investment and annual costs of different heat systems. Using one's own home as a starting point, the tool provides insight into the costs of heat systems available as an alternative to heating with natural gas. It is intended for residents, with the municipality providing the tool. The ESV is supportive of the energy transition and the goals from the Heat Transition Vision.

Based on own home

The heat transition has an impact on homes and people's wallets. The costs and benefits of alternative heating technologies, such as a heat grid or (hybrid) heat pump, vary widely and are difficult to compare. For example, because energy prices vary widely or have risen.

Any desired home can serve as a basis for the calculations. All relevant variables can be adjusted, such as: house type, energy label, insulation level, gas consumption, electricity consumption, electricity price, gas price, heat price, insulation costs, heat system costs, and so on.

A screenshot of the Energy System Comparison Tool. You can see here how three different systems: a central heating system, a heat pump and heat network are compared.

Calculate payback period

The ESV is also able to calculate back from the payback period. If I want to recoup my investment in 10 years, what may a heat system plus the insulation measures cost?

Two screenshots of the Energy System Comparison Tool.

Adjust cost indications

The ESV calculates with current indications of investment costs to make a house suitable for a heat system. But the tool also leaves the user free to modify these indications to calculate, for example, based on prices from tenders.

A comparison of the costs of different systems.


All underlying assumptions and key figures in the ESV are documented in a note. This ensures that it is always clear how the systems have been calculated and which standard assumptions the tool works with.

A screenshot of the Energy System Comparison Tool. You can see a graph where the payback periods of different energy systems are compared.

Benefits of the Energy System Comparison Tool

For municipalities

Municipalities can now use the Energy System Comparison Tool to provide residents with a handy resource to help them choose a suitable sustainable heating technology, in the context of district implementation plans, for example.


After providing basic details about the house, home owners are given a clear overview of the costs and benefits of the various energy systems. Important parameters such as the level of energy prices, insulation and system costs and energy consumption can quickly be adjusted.

Up-to-date parameters

The ESV clarifies the costs for alternative energy systems based on current parameters. This provides a fact-based basis for making decisions.

Want to know more?

As Consultant, Anika is active on various levels within the energy transition andand consultant for incorporation of the Energy System Comparison Tool.

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Anika Steenstra Energy consultant