Construction and Project Management

A critical partner backed by knowledge

The quality of project management is a key factor when it comes to delivering successful projects. This is especially true in the face of staff shortages, scarce resources and rising prices. Projects are also becoming increasingly complex, partly as a result of stricter legislation, an increase in the number of stakeholders and new process requirements. These complexities require robust management of cost, time and quality.

Integrated approach

Witteveen+Bos provides construction and project management services for a wide range of projects, both for private clients and for public and semi-public authorities. Our clients benefit from our size, which enables us to manage projects holistically by drawing on the knowledge of specialists in the subspecialties relevant to the specific project.

The size of our organisation also allows us to guarantee our clients continuity within project teams – even in dynamic environments such as local government.

Project+ quality

Our project managers draw on their technical expertise and years of project management experience to hone in on what really matters. This saves both time and money because we can assess early on whether a particular approach, choice or technology will deliver a better end result.

Witteveen+Bos is known for its proactive approach to time, cost and participation process management. We anticipate potential bumps in the road, challenges, risks and unrealistic goals so that they can be addressed at an early stage. One of the cornerstones of our DNA is that we strive for ‘project+ quality’: an end result that goes above and beyond the intended outcome.

Our project managers work across a range of disciplines and specialisms.

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