Cost management

On the road to optimal design

Correctly estimating and managing costs is a challenge, but it is crucial for delivering current projects and securing support for future ones. After all, past experience of large, complex infrastructure projects often coming in over budget does little to encourage clients and investors to pursue them.


When it comes to project success, cost management is key – from inception to delivery. We calculate the costs of materials, labour and equipment at various levels (from abstract to concrete) based on an SSK (standard system of cost estimation). We do this for the entire life cycle of a project, from construction to the end of its lifespan.

We weigh up the costs in variant studies, also taking into account other parameters, to come up with the best design that meets the client’s requirements as closely as possible.


The constructability of a project is a major factor. What are the costs of realisation, taking into account the local situation? Will roads need to be closed during construction? Are there restrictions on the use of heavy equipment? In other words, will solutions be required that involve additional costs?

We identify these costs (energy, raw materials, labour, etc.) for our clients. We then use a multidisciplinary approach to advise on how to minimise these costs or look for more cost-effective alternatives.


Cost management is a discipline in its own right. Our cost experts participate in international professional associations, contributing to the development and sharing of knowledge in the field of cost management. We are committed to pursuing an integrated solution in which cost management and project management are optimally combined.

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