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How does the municipality of Weesp manage surface water and its sewer systems? And how does the city of Amsterdam do it? And what is the difference between the two, the so-called GAP? This is what Waternet, the water company for Amsterdam and surrounding area, wanted to know and therefore asked Witteveen+Bos and MaxGrip to carry out a due diligence appraisal.

Waternet will assume responsibility for a large number of assets in Weesp as part of the planned municipal amalgamation of Weesp with Amsterdam on 24 March 2022. Witteveen+Bos and MaxGrip performed a so-called GAP analysis of the municipality of Weesp concerning all aspects of urban water and related objects in the very short period of two months.

The GAP analysis was structured around Waternet's ‘five-question model’ for asset management: what is present, what do we want, what can we do, what is best and what is most cost-effective? The risks in the locality were assessed on their merits using Waternet's business-value model. The findings were then translated into cost estimates and required budgets to provide input for the Spring Statement, the ‘Weesp 2022 Framework Memorandum’. The results were also directly integrated into the Amsterdam Sewer Systems Environment Programme 2022-2027.

A random sampling of assets were visited and inspected in the field. These assets were assessed to be in good physical condition and the quality to be in accordance with their age. It was therefore concluded that the municipality of Weesp has effectively managed these assets and that no urgent maintenance measures are necessary prior to transferral. Compliance measures are nevertheless needed in the short term to ensure occupational health and safety, such as with the sumps in the middle of the river Vecht. Based on the analyses, it was recommended that operating costs should continue virtually unchanged, but that budgets for investments in necessary replacements should be brought forward.

Thanks to this short, intensive collaboration between Witteveen+Bos, MaxGrip and the Waternet working group, Waternet can confidently continue to incorporate the assets in Weesp in the coming year.

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