Design and total engineering for Ørsted building in Vlissingen

Witteveen+Bos designed an energy-neutral building for the Danish energy company Ørsted, also providing the total engineering aspects. The building consists of an office and storage area and is intended for the management and maintenance of the nearby Borssele 1&2 wind farm. In order to achieve the highest possible quality and best possible result, our experts from various disciplines worked closely together: architecture, building physics, structural engineering, installation technology (electrical and mechanical installations), constructions, project management, geotechnics, fire safety, cost expertise, and management and supervision.

Sustainability incorporated from the start

From the start of the project, sustainability was given a prominent place in the design process. The building’s design minimises its environmental impact on the local area but also ensures comfort and meets functional and aesthetic requirements. With an EPC of -0.11, the building is energy-neutral, and it uses no fossil fuels, generates its own renewable energy, and is constructed of materials with a low environmental impact and using innovative technologies, such as energy demand optimisation.

Optimisation of building envelope

The building envelope was optimised by finding the right balance between heating and cooling needs. We were able to do this by integrating considerations regarding the use of materials, the amount of sunlight to be admitted, and the realisation costs. In order to do this effectively and with the necessary insight, five scenarios were developed and investigated with the help of an energy model. Each scenario had its own structural design, insulation capacity and method of ventilation. The energy consumption was then expressed in an EPG value (relating to the energy performance of a building) and compared with the MPG value (regarding environmental impact).

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