Bike freeway Den Bosch - Zaltbommel

To promote cycling and reduce traffic congestion, we need a faster, safer and obstacle-free cycle route between Zaltbommel and Den Bosch. To explore the options, Witteveen+Bos joined three municipalities and two provinces in a project group to study the route and produce a preliminary design and cost estimate (SSK).

The Zaltbommel - Den Bosch cycle route is one of the main bike freeways in the network programme of the provinces of Gelderland and Noord-Brabant. Running parallel to the A2 for 16 kilometres, it could be promoted to tempt residents in the region, and specifically commuters, to get on their bikes rather than sit in a traffic jam on the A2. The final design is a largely separate two-way cycle path, 4 metres wide, in compliance with the CROW guideline for bike traffic. Part of the design included bicycle streets and several civil engineering works. On the route, cycle traffic has priority at roundabouts outside the built-up area to promote a good cycle flow. This deviates from national policy and demanded extra measures to draw the attention of motorised traffic to the new layout.

Witteveen+Bos led the design groups discussing route and design options and translated the results into preliminary designs. An SSK cost estimate was drafted for the selected design. Three road managers were involved in the project, each with their own design visions and material choices. Given the importance of consistent quality and road design, project groups were set up to achieve that consistency. A section of the cycle route passes through residential areas or commercial development sites, for which land development plans have been drawn up. Crossing these areas reduces the estimated revenue. Good collaboration and coordination were therefore required with the municipalities involved.

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