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The Netherlands

State-of-the-art lab

The Witteveen+Bos odour lab performs odour and emission measurements for a variety of industries, including water (WWTPs), waste treatment, food production, beer breweries, composting companies, chemicals and the agricultural sector. In the 30 years since its accreditation in 1993, our facility in Deventer has developed into a state-of-the-art laboratory that samples and analyses a wide range of odours. 

In addition to odours, we also measure airflow and, for example, concentrations of hydrocarbons, oxygen and ammonia. In addition, we can perform model calculations. These are simulations with which we can determine the impact of a company or individual emission source on the environment. This allows us, for example, to test whether local residents are not exposed to excessive (odour) concentrations. Such calculations can also be used to determine whether it is wise to develop a new residential area in the vicinity of an industrial site or company.

The position of independent measurement agency with its own accredited odour laboratory is complemented with our company-wide insights in the areas of licensing, policy and regulations, and process technology. 

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Location Odour lab

Hanzeweg 45
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P.O. Box 233
7400 AE Deventer
The Netherlands

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