Nature, biodiversity and the landscape

Taking care of nature, biodiversity and the landscape as the guiding principle

The Netherlands wants to be climate-neutral by 2050. This also requires policy choices and actions in rural areas that will contribute to achieving net zero CO2 emissions. Nature, biodiversity and the landscape are central to this. 

Leading up to 2050, numerous issues need to be addressed in rural areas in the coming decades: restoration of biodiversity, soil quality, water quality (Water Framework Directive) and the transition of the agricultural sector.

With every choice and action, it is important to focus on the impact on nature, people and the landscape when making policies for the short and long term. Taking actions that respect the natural system is the best way to restore and improve nature and biodiversity.

Connecting stakeholders

Connecting the stakeholders in each specific area is an important factor for success. Only then can the power of the natural system really take centre stage. As a multidisciplinary consultancy and engineering firm, Witteveen+Bos is able to play a central role in transition projects in rural areas.

We are ready to assist private stakeholders and governments, such as provinces, municipalities and water authorities, at all levels: policy, process, design and implementation. Also when drawing up and implementing integrated local area processes.

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