Meandering Meuse:

Strengthening the dike and more room for the Meuse

The Meandering Meuse project will reinforce the 25-kilometre stretch of dike between Ravestein and Lith. In addition, the Meuse will be given more room, both on the Gelderland and on the Brabant side of the river.

Dike reinforcement is combined with river widening and area development. This will lead to improved flood defences, a higher recreational, ecological and economic value and lower water levels during extreme river discharges compared to the current situation. The area with 270,000 inhabitants is part of the High Water Protection Programme (HWBP).

The ten partners in the Meandering Meuse project organisation have determined the preferred alternative. Witteveen+Bos, as leader of the consortium of three consulting firms, has worked out the preferred alternative in detail. It forms the framework for the measures to be taken with regard to the dikes, the floodplains and the integral area.

The preferred alternative has been iteratively optimised with regard to spatial integration, economic aspects, geotechnical aspects, ecological aspects and hydraulic and morphological aspects.

Participatory design

There was intensive cooperation with the local community during the project. Local stakeholders, companies, landowners and residents were involved in the design of the area. In addition to the detailed elaboration of the design, the cost estimate and preparatory documents for the administrative process were also drawn up.

The consortium consisting of Witteveen+Bos, Tauw and Land-id is working together with the project organisation Meandering Meuse. This comprises the following parties: Aa and Maas Water Board, Riverside Water Board, North Brabant Province, Gelderland Province, Oss Municipality, Wijchen Municipality, West Maas and Waal Municipality, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Rijkswaterstaat and Natuurmonumenten.


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