Coastal and riverbank works

Protection for now and the future

Hydraulic engineering structures in water (‘wet’ hydraulic structures) such as breakwaters, dams, soil protection structures and coastal defence structures must be able to withstand the forces of nature. This requires creativity and expert knowledge in design issues. Witteveen+Bos’ guiding principle is to deliver added value by developing smart, sustainable and ‘fit for purpose’ solutions.

Our experts are ready to support clients in the construction of new coastal or riverbank works or adapting existing ones. Our services include the design, testing and construction of the wet hydraulic engineering structures, as well as cross-project support.

Because Witteveen+Bos has virtually all expertise in-house, we work with multidisciplinary project teams on complex projects. For each specific project, we assemble tailor-made teams to bring together the necessary expertise.

Toolboxes developed in-house

In the design phase, our engineers use not only existing software, but also design toolboxes we developed in-house. This combination ensures flexibility, efficiency and increased quality assurance.

When working on coastal and riverbank works, we consider the long term, from design to execution. This includes, for instance, taking into account ambitions in terms of urbanisation, the influences of climate change and the impact on biodiversity. Our specialists have the required expertise to guide the design process, including coordinating the physical scale model tests.

Nature-Based Solutions

Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) are design solutions inspired by natural processes. By developing and implementing design solutions supported by nature, we create resilient wet infrastructure with value for society, nature and economy. To stay ahead, we are active in various networking organisations and knowledge-intensive projects. The mangrove restoration project in Indonesia is a great example of NBS.


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Ice load

Our knowledge of the impact of ice loads on hydraulic engineering structures is of international excellence. We have built up this expertise over a period of decades thanks to our projects in the Caspian Sea. For these projects, we worked with international experts to derive design loads and failure mechanisms for ice-loaded hydraulic engineering structures based on field and physical modelling research.

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